2018 KV Open Results


On February 24-25 fencers from all over New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and P.E.I. came to Quispamsis to compete in the annual KV Open Fencing Tournament held at the Ecoles de Pionniers and hosted by the Escrime KV Fencing Club. The event saw sixty-three fencers participating in 10 events, with fencers competing in epee, foil, and sabre in age age categories ranging from Open to Under 11.

In Open Foil Buster Biggs, of the Damocles Fencing Club in Fredericton, won gold in a dramatic final match against David Collins of Saint John’s Fundy Fencing Club. Their match began with Biggs breaking his last blade on the very first action, and then nearly breaking a weapon he borrowed from a fellow fencer; nonetheless, Biggs kept his cool despite the weapon problems and won 15-13. Biggs’ teammates from the Damocles club, Pierre Arseneau and Jeff Probert, took bronze in the event.

In the largest sabre event in New Brunswick so far this year, Open Sabre saw a finals match between Capital Y Fencing Club members (and NB fencing power couple) Jim Stevens and Wendy Yano, with Stevens winning gold and Yano silver. Raphaël Bradley, who fences at the UNB Fencing Club, took bronze along with his former teammate Cameron Haigh, who now fences for the University of Toronto.

Open Epee was also a large event, with seventeen fencers competing against each other. In this event Calum Skidmore (Damocles/UNB) won against David Collins to take the gold, and Damocles fencer Calum MacDonald and UPEI’s Spencer McGregor went home with bronze medals.

In the Cadet (under 17) category for foil, Escrime KV Fencing Club member Jackson Dennis won the gold after beating fellow Escrime KV club member Connor Campbell in the finals. The bronze medals went to Thomas Allen (Fundy) and Aidan Reynolds (Damocles).

Cadet Epee saw a fierce match in the finals between Declan Hartery (Fundy) and Sophie Poitras (Damocles) with Hartery narrowly taking gold in a close match, while Hartery’s clubmates Thomas Allen and Jacob Piazolo received bronze medals for their performances.

In a direct elimination match after their participation in the Open Sabre poules, Graham Goodwin and Flynn Stevens of the Capital Y Club fenced each other for top spot in Cadet Sabre with Goodwin winning gold and Stevens silver.

The gold medal in U15 Foil went to Escrime KV’s Caden Robertson while the silver went to Declan Hartery (Fundy). The bronze medal winners were Joy Shin from the Damocles club and Kai Tanaka of the South Shore Duelists.

In the U13 Foil event Rowan McInnis of the Escrime KV Club won gold against Cole Magee of the Damocles Club. Robert Cadmore and James Lu, both from Damocles as well, were the bronze medalists.

Damocles and Escrime KV fencers likewise populated the podium in U11 Foil, with Rosabella Dion (Damocles) winning gold and William Turcotte (Escrime KV) winning silver. their respective teammates Lara Cadmore (Damocles) and Sebastien McInnis (Escrime KV) both took home bronze medals.

The final event of the tournament was Adult Novice Foil, and the winner of that event was Escrime KV’s Nicholas Wilkins, with Damocles fencer Glenna Cadmore taking silver. David Campbell (Escrime KV) and Peter Cadmore (Damocles) shared bronze positions.

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