FENB Overview

Fencing – Escrime NB (FENB) is incorporated as the provincial branch of the Canadian Fencing Federation with the mandate to govern the sport of fencing in the province of New Brunswick and our responsibilities are to promote, develop, regulate, encourage and improve the sport of fencing in New Brunswick as well as to represent and coordinate the interests of New Brunswick fencers.

FENB Mission: 

To encourage people in New Brunswick to participate in and enjoy the sport of fencing, both recreationally and competitively, in a safe environment at a reasonable cost.

FENB Values:

  • the spirit of community that fencing can foster,
  • inclusive participation
  • the tradition of honour which respects and fosters the dignity and rights of others through fair play and sportsmanship,
  • excellence by inspiring personal achievement,
  • a quality of experience through fun, enjoyment, and satisfaction in a safe environment,
  • the growth of confidence, character, and increased self-esteem.

Our Ends Statements:

As a result of the presence of Fencing-Escrime NB (FENB) New Brunswick has:

    • Fencers that possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to participate recreationally and/or compete provincially, nationally or internationally.
    • Opportunities for quality, financially accessible recreational fencing.
    • Qualified coaches and officials to lead and support athletes throughout their fencing experience.
    • A fencing environment that meets recognized quality, safety, technical, and accountability standards.
    • A sustainable and fair not-for-profit fencing community that recognizes the contribution and value of volunteers.
    • An awareness and positive perspective of the sport of fencing.

A five-member volunteer Board of Directors, elected by individual members, is accountable for the organization’s actions and has the responsibility of establishing policies in the collective best interest of its current and future members. Decisions are made within the confines of the FENB Bylaws, and policies are developed following a Carver policy governance model.

FENB Strategic Plan

Below is a copy of the Strategic Plan for Fencing-Escrime NB from 2020-2023. This outlines our plans to continue to grow and develop fencing in the province of New Brunswick.

FENB 2020-2023 Strategic Plan

2023-2024 Board of Directors

President: Wendy Yano

Director: David Drysdale

Director: Gilles Robichaud

Director: Patrick Craig

Athlete Development Coordinator: David Collins

To bring any matter before the board of directors, please contact the Executive Director at fencingnb@gmail.com

Annual Report: Each year, at the annual general meeting of members, the Board presents an annual report to members. To find out more about the provincial association’s activities, read the Annual Report of the Board of Directors. The minutes from some past AGMs may be found here.

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