CWG 2023 Athlete Rankings

Each athlete will earn a base number of points based on the number of athletes entered in the competitions and their own progress within the competition. After these base points are determined, a scaling will be applied based on the level of the competition. Higher level events such as National Championships will have more potential points to earn to reflect the higher challenge of that event.


  1. Athletes Points – these are calculated according to the number of fencers competing in a given event. The first-place fencer receives participation points equal to the number of competitors in the event.  The second-place fencer receives one point less and so on until the last place fencer who receives one point.   (See example below.) Points will only be awarded for fencers that place in the top 50% of the field.
  2. Round (progression) Points – these are awarded, cumulatively, each time a fencer wins an elimination bout.  After the initial round of pools, all fencers are placed in an elimination table.  The elimination rounds progress (depending on the number of competitors) as follows: 64,32,16,8,4,2,1. In all events, points will only be awarded for fencers that place in the top 50% of the field.
  3. Scaling – The total points a fencer receives from an event will then be multiplied by a scaling that reflects the level and difficulty of the competition. Any member of the program can ask the CG coach or FENB Executive Director for clarification on what scaling a specific competition will receive. The scaling is as follows:

NB and Maritime local events: 1.0

Quebec/Ontario/US Regional events: 1.8

Quebec/Ontario Regional Plus (provincial championships, ROC, etc) 2.0

National/NAC (includes Eastern Championships) 2.6

4. Point Total: The total points (participation plus progression) earned by each competitor in each event of the competition are recorded on a Canada Games Results Reporting Form.  As stated earlier, only Under-17 events will be counted.

CURRENT U17 RANKING (updated weekly)

CWG Women – June 28, 2022

CWG Men – June 28, 2022