Competitions are valuable as learning opportunities, to test your skills and to meet fencers from other clubs.

Parents of first time youth competitors can learn more information about what to expect at a fencing competition by reading another parent's perspective in this article.

See the calendar of upcoming competitions and events or check out the 2013-14 Competition Calendar Update.  This schedule was updated on January 12, 2014.

Current rankings:

          Updated AFL Youth Rankings 2010 2011

          Canadian Fencing Federation Domestic Rankings for NB Fencers

Atlantic Fencing League Under 13 & Under 15 Ranking 2008-09

Atlantic Fencing League U13 & U15 Ranking 09/10

AFL U13 & 15 Youth Ranking 10/11

Competition Results

          2013 Fundy Open Results

          2012 Fundy results

          2011 Tri-sword Results,follow link: http://www.chebucto.ns...results.htm

          2011 UNB Shield Results

          2011 Fundy Open Results

          A.Knappe 2011 Team Tournament Results  

          NB Open 2010 Results

          2010 Fundy Open

2010 NB Provincial Championships

2010 Sword Falls

2010 UNB Shield

2009 Trisword

2009 UNB Shield

2009 NB Provincial Championships

2009 Sword Falls

2009 Fundy Open

2009 Alfred Knappe Team Competition

2008 Trisword